Is E-Design right for you?

Posted by Catherine Harvey on

What is e-design?

If you have started doing any research on a fresh look for your home, you have probably seen advertisements for e-design.  What is e-design and is it for you?

E-design is the interior design of a space done entirely online.  It's a great way for you to work with me no matter where you live!  It's typically a quick process done over email and texting and for a fraction of the cost of having an interior designer come to your home.  

E-design would be a great fit for you if you like shopping and purchasing at your own pace, you have an idea of what you want and need help pulling it all together.  I can work with adding to your existing furniture pieces or room colors, stick to accessorizing, or select every detail for an empty room.  Since e-design is done all online, elements like flooring, countertops, tile and custom cabinetry are not a great fit.  Since we are not viewing those items together in a place where we can touch and feel and see them in your room lighting, it is best for me to only make suggestions on color and material, not actual selections.  

Does this sound like something that would work for you?  Here's how to get started!  

- Take pictures of your room--preferably one of each corner and one of each wall straight-on.  Move as far back from the wall as you can and try and take the pictures during the day!

- Take pictures of any furniture you would like to keep.  If you still have the links of where you purchased the furniture that's even better! I can find the exact dimensions and colors.  

- Measure the room and sketch it out.  Don't worry--it doesn't have to be anything fancy!  Get the best measurements you can of wall sizes and door and window locations.  If we are working on a room where furniture size is essential, measurements really matter!  

- Tell me a little about what you are looking for.  What pieces do you need to complete your room?  How do you use the room?  What colors do you prefer?  What's working for you now and what isn't?  Do you lean toward a certain style of furniture or design?  Do you have a pinterest board of design ideas or some links you want to share?  The more information you can share about what you are looking for, the better.

Once I have everything, I will get to work on your design!  You will receive a mood board with the pieces I have selected for you, a floor plan so you can see how it all goes together and a shoppable pinterest board with the individual items linked as well as alternate items so you will have some options.  

If it is not perfect the first time, two revisions are included!  

My goal is to make this a super fun process for you and so that you have the room of your dreams.  

Are you ready to get started?